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Personal Retirement Planning Ltd

We are specialist equity release mortgage brokers who compare equity release products to find the most suitable plan for your needs.

As part of our retirement planning and Equity Release services, we provide:

  • Specialist and independent advice
  • Access to a wide range of products from the leading lenders
  • All the information needed to allow clients to compare equity release plans and make an informed decision
  • A fully dedicated personal case handler

We prefer to meet our clients in person allowing us to guide you through, and take care of, all the paperwork involved.

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Lenders – IFAs – Accountants – Solicitors – Mortgage Brokers

To ensure you receive the very best service and solutions when releasing equity from your home, we only work with lenders we implicitly trust. These time-served and proven lenders have built up fierce reputations, giving you peace of mind when comparing equity release plans and investing in one of their products.

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Can you pay back equity release?

Releasing equity from your home is a big decision and you’re likely to have lots of questions. Questions like: How do you pay back equity release? And can you pay off equity release early? Equity release, also known as a lifetime mortgage, allows homeowners aged 55 and over to access some of the equity tied …