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As part of our retirement planning and Equity Release services, we provide:

  • Specialist and independent advice
  • Access to a wide range of products from the leading lenders
  • All the information needed to allow clients to make an informed decision
  • A fully dedicated personal case handler

We prefer to meet our clients in person allowing us to guide you through, and take care of, all the paperwork involved.

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To ensure you receive the very best service and solutions when releasing equity from your home, we only work with lenders we implicitly trust. These time-served and proven lenders have built up fierce reputations, giving you peace of mind when investing in one of their products.

Latest News

An equity release remortgage could save thousands in interest costs

Equity release borrowers could save a significant amount of money in interest costs by switching to a different product with a lower interest rate. The average fixed rate for equity release has dropped from 7% to 4.27% in the last 10 years, with some rates plummeting as low as just 2.6% as competition soars. What’s …

When is the right time to release equity?

Equity release is a huge financial and lifestyle decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and during precarious times like the present, people tend to be even more cautious with their finances. When looking to access cash, borrowers are advised of all other options before they consider equity release. It is typically the option of last …

Dispelling the Myths and Concerns of Equity Release: Webinar

Despite the rapid growth of the equity release sector, there is still concern, negativity and misinformation around the process of unlocking cash tied up in your home. This webinar brings together qualified professionals who are best placed to explain the facts and answer your questions. Our panelists include: • Ian Liborwich, Business Development Director at …

Can I release equity from my property during lockdown?

The global pandemic has disturbed every corner of our lives, from health and finances to holidays and ceremonies. Many people have been forced to put plans on hold until further notice. In these current circumstances, older homeowners looking to access cash tied up in their property are concerned about whether they can still release equity …


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Let’s see how much you know about equity release… If someone releases equity from their property, who is the legal…
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Around this time last year, we assisted our eldest client to date – a lovely lady who is now 102. She released equ…
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Equity release borrowers could save a significant amount of money in interest costs by switching to a different pro…
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- July 27, 2020, 10:00 am

One our clients, a married couple in later life, wanted to release equity from their home to buy a place in Austral…
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