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Let us help you to help your clients unlock the value in their homes with Equity Release

Last year £3.94 billion worth of equity was released from properties in the UK. As the equity release market continues to soar there is pressure on mortgage brokers, IFAs and other financial services providers to meet growing customer demand.

At Personal Retirement Planning we work closely with finance professionals as a trusted and qualified equity release partner to help deliver retirement planning solutions to their clients. We can help fill the knowledge gap quickly and ensure you have the tools you need to introduce your clients to us with confidence.

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    Breaking the stigma

    Historically there has been a stigma around equity release that is slowly eroding. Some people mistakenly believe that if they use equity release, they could end up owing more money than their property is worth and as a result leave their loved ones with debt. Other misconceptions include the idea that people will no longer own their property or they are unable to release equity if they have a mortgage on their property. Despite concerns, the industry is making progress and awareness of the facts is increasing.

    Why equity release could be the most suitable finance solution for your clients

    Over 55s release equity from their home for a number of reasons. Some of the most popular being:

    • To cover care costs in later life
    • To make home improvements or modifications
    • To pay off an existing interest-only mortgage
    • To enjoy retirement by going on holiday
    • To replace an interest-only mortgage that is coming to an end
    • To help children or grandchildren get onto the property ladder
    • To reduce inheritance tax liability
    • To stay in a property¬†after divorce or separation

    There has been a shift in mindset to how equity release is used, increasingly people are using the funds to subsidize living costs and to help their family get onto the property ladder.

    Each client has unique financial circumstances, and so while it may not be suitable for everyone, equity release could be the most financially sound option available to your clients in later life.

    Why should you refer your clients to us?

    Fewer than 3% of advisers are qualified to give advice on equity release. We are an independent firm of qualified specialists with access to a wide range of products from leading lenders and the whole of market. We provide clients with a dedicated case handler and prefer to meet with them in person to ensure compassion, understanding and suitability. This also allows us to ensure they have all the information they need to make an informed decision. Where possible, introducers can also meet the client with us if they choose to.

    We have the knowledge and experience to help you bridge the gap and advise your clients on equity release, allowing you to take a holistic approach to financial and retirement planning.

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