Customer Stories

PRP customer testimonial 1 - Retirement Planning

“I’ve paid my bills and I’ll soon be on holiday in New Zealand”

Mrs Coates

“Work was very stressful and had caused me a lot of health issues. I thought maybe it was time to retire but I wanted to be sure I could pay the bills and still do the things I love – like go on holidays.

“I had seen Personal Retirement Planning recommended and the reviews looked very positive. I decided to get in touch with them and find out what financial options were out there for me.”

After talking to one of PRP’s equity release specialists, Mrs Coates called PRP and made an appointment with her local independent adviser who came to her house to discuss her options and answer any questions she had.

“My adviser, was absolutely brilliant, he was professional, friendly and put me at ease right away. I was worried the appointment would be very formal and confusing, but he was ‘human’ and I actually found it
an enjoyable experience.

“He completely understood my reasons for looking into equity release and also how desperate I was to retire without financial stress. After some questions and research he found a plan out there that was right for me.,

Mrs Coates is enjoying her retirement knowing all her bills are covered. “I would definitely recommend PRP, and already have to both my brother and friends.”

Mr and Mrs Johns - PRP customer testimonial 3 - Equity Release

“We’ve made the house just as we want it”

Mr and Mrs Johns

“We downsized to our new house almost a year ago to be closer to a bus route and local amenities. The new place was a bit dated and we’re quite modern in our outlook so wanted to give the place a facelift.

“We love being in the garden and wanted something that was low-maintenance as we get older. We’ve put down new grass and planted up all our borders which are now really starting to mature in the warmer

“Our adviser was absolutely fantastic and couldn’t have been more helpful. He kept us updated all the way with calls to tell us how things were progressing. I was surprised how quickly everything completed.

“We’re both retired now but David worked as a railway engineer, while I was a nurse.“The equity release has given us a real boost to our retirement finances and we’re so glad we did it. We’ve been able to make significant alterations in the house and make it just as we want it.

“We’d worked hard all our lives and wanted to retire and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We don’t have any children so why have all that money tied up in our house when we could be spending and enjoying it.

“We thought we might as well be enjoying it while we can.”

Mrs James - PRP customer testimonial 2 - Equity Release

“We wanted to help our granddaughter get onto the property ladder”

Mrs James

The couple did their research and requested information from different companies. Happy with the service from PRP, they booked a free no-obligation consultation with an independent adviser in their area.

“The whole process was extremely easy and we received very good advice from our adviser. It was so simple. The first thing we did was give our grandson the deposit for his own little house.

“The money we gifted allowed him to buy a house close to where he’s been living. We have never seen him so happy! It’s wonderful to have the pleasure of seeing this happen whilst we are still alive.

“We’ve also bought a property in Cyprus. We spend our winters over there and our family use it over the summer holidays. As well as our holiday home in Cyprus, we treated ourselves to a lovely Hawaian cruise.

“Equity release has made our dreams come true, especially seeing our grandson so happy and content.”

“Why wait until you’ve gone! You can’t take the money with you but you can spend it while you’re here, it seemed stupid not to.

“I would definitely recommend Personal Retirement Planning to other people. Doing equity release through them is one of the best things we have ever done.”